Dentistry from our Hearts celebrated 12 years!

As the sun set on February 18th, the hearts of hundreds beat with newfound joy and relief, buoyed by the generosity and skill of The Dental Care Group’s caring teams. The 12th annual Dentistry from Our Hearts event embodied the purest form of community service, reaching a crescendo of compassion and care unparalleled in South Florida.

Over 300 individuals received critical dental services at no cost, including diligent examinations, thorough cleanings, essential fillings, and vital extractions. The estimated value of these pro bono services exceeded $150,000, a number that starkly underscores the magnitude of the Dental Care Group’s commitment to giving back. It is a day marked by the community coming together, unified by the shared belief in the importance of accessible healthcare.

Dr. Rick Mars, a partner at The Dental Care Group and the spearhead for the event, shared his reflection on the day’s success, “The sheer joy and gratitude we see in our patient’s eyes invigorate our commitment every single year.” The team’s dedication to service stretches beyond the confines of dentistry. It is about the human connection, the shared moments of happiness, and the understanding that every smile they restore weaves the fabric of a healthier community.

Looking to the future, this year’s triumph merely sets the stage for greater deeds. With aspirations to outdo their own record-setting benevolence, The Dental Care Group pushed their 12-year contribution beyond the $1.8 million mark. It was an ambitious goal, one that could only be accomplished with the help of volunteers, sponsors, and supporters who share their vision of a world where every individual has access to the dental care they so rightly deserve.

The impact of Dentistry from Our Hearts pulses through the community long after the last patient leaves the chair. As The Dental Care Group looks toward their thirteenth year, they carry with them not just the weight of expectation, but also the buoyant hope brought about by years of benevolent service. The event has become a beacon of hope, a day inscribed in the hearts of all involved, and an enduring testament to the transformative power of kindness.

Our Team in action!

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Voted Best Dental Office in Miami-Dade by the Miami Herald​

We have recently been recognized for our superior service and exceptional patient care. Our commitment to dental excellence has earned us the prestigious title of the Best Dental Office in Miami-Dade for 2023 by the Miami Herald.

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