Dos And Don’ts Of Safe Teeth Whitening

For many people, a bright smile is key to feeling content with their appearance. Unfortunately, 32% of people say that they are concerned about the look of their teeth. This is why many dental patients turn to teeth whitening procedures to let their pearly whites live up to their name.

If you are considering one of the teeth whitening options, it’s important that you make an informed decision. The following are some of the basic teeth whitening dos and don’t that you should be aware of.

DO visit your dentist first.
Remember that nothing replaces professional advice. Before you grab an over-the-counter whitening kit, you should talk to your dentist about your concerns. In-office teeth whitening procedures are generally more safe and effective than at-home treatments, so your dentist may recommend that you schedule whitening appointments at their office. Choosing the right teeth whitening method should involve your dentist’s opinion.

DON’T consume acidic foods after your whitening treatment.
What you eat and drink has a profound effect on your teeth. After your whitening procedure, your teeth will be more sensitive than usual. So, be sure to take care of them by avoiding acidic foods. Eat more mild foods at first, then reintroduce your favorite juices and fruits in the following days.

DO practice good oral hygiene.
Whitening and other in-office dental services do not take the place of proper oral care. Even if you have achieved the pearly whites of your dreams, you still need to brush, floss, and follow your dentist’s care instructions. This way, your teeth can look and feel healthy.

DON’T whiten your teeth too much.
You can certainly have too much of a good thing, and teeth whitening is no exception. Talk to your dentist about how often you should be going in for procedures, and be sure to stick to your schedule. Outside whitening treatments may wear down your teeth, leaving you with prolonged sensitivity.

Whether choosing the right teeth whitening method or asking how you can take care of your teeth for a brighter smile, your dentist should be able to answer all of your questions. With the right amount of initiative and patience, you can achieve a whiter bite and the confidence you have been looking for.

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