Mind Your Bite: How To Take Care Of Your Dental Implants

Dental implants are a popular procedure in the United States. This type of procedure has been proven to be highly effective as about 3 million Americans have them and that number grows by 500,000 every year. But as with many dental services, it is important to care for your implants properly to ensure they last a long time. If you have recently received dental implants, there are habits that you can form to keep your implants strong and in place. Follow these tips so you’ll be able to keep your implants in place for as long as possible.

  • Floss Often: While this is a recommended dental habit for anyone, it is especially important for those with dental implants. This is because food easily gets caught in the crevices, and if it stays, can cause bacterial growth. So be sure to floss after your meals or at least before you go to bed.
  • Try Water Floss: For more thorough particle removal, try a water irrigation system. This handheld device is more effective at removing even the most stubborn pieces of food. Ask your dentist for a demonstration on how to use it properly.
  • Schedule Regular Checkups: The best way to keep your dental implants healthy is to get them checked by a dentist periodically. Most dentists recommend semi annual checkups, but yours might have an individual recommendation. Just be sure to follow their care instructions in between appointments.
  • Watch What You Eat: Hard and sticky foods can be damaging to your implants,
    so avoid them whenever possible. Hard candies can cause cracks and sticky foods can get stuck or yank. While it’s okay to indulge, do so with care.
  • Call Your Dentist: If you do happen to have a dental emergency or damage your implants, call your dentist as soon as possible. They will be able to address the issue as soon as possible, getting your implant and other teeth healthy in no time. Also be sure to call your dentist with any questions related to your implant care.

By treating your teeth with care and visiting your dentist regularly, you can get the dental services and advice you need for a healthy smile. Keeping your smile complete will keep you feeling confident, which will improve your daily life as a whole.

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