Dental Care Group’s 9th Annual “Dentistry From Our Hearts”

In their continuing effort to provide free dental services to adults and children who cannot afford dental services, the Dental Care Group and Dental Care Group Kids once again celebrated “Dentistry From Our Hearts” on Sunday, February 9. We know that good oral health has so many wonderful life-changing benefits…benefits that those less fortunate would not normally receive.  The doctors at Dental Care Group understand that dental disease can lead to difficulty eating, sleeping, paying attention and smiling.  

In one day, we provided free dentistry to over 300 patients and $150,000 in services to people who could not afford dental care. Services provided that day included cleanings, fillings and extractions. Dr. Rick Mars, partner at Dental Care Group, after the event said that anyone that participated in the event will have a different appreciation about life and gave thanks to his team and sponsors. He is already thinking about year 10 next year. “Next year we will be giving away a grand total of $1,500,000 over a ten-year span in free dentistry in South Florida. Our goal next year is to get three more offices to do what we do. We will be bigger and we will be better.”

If you would like more information about the topic, please contact us at (305) 935.2797 Ext 249

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